January 13, 2021 morenomaugliani

Freddie Hubbard transposed on Drums!

Poster for YT video

Freddie Hubbard is one of my favorite trumpet players. I love his sound and the way he builds phrases. He’s can play long notes carrying you somewhere else or can hit you like a shotgun would with lots of notes always perfectly paced and quantized

I transcribed and transposed on drums the trumpet solo of the tune Asiatic Raes, from the album Goin’ up.

His approach in the solo is rhythmic with a reiterated start on the offbeat. Very inspiring.

I started transcribing other instrumentalists’ solos in order to get another approach on drums and improvisation. By transposing on drums a phrase conceived with another instrument – thus another mechanic – we are forced to search for creative solutions.
At the same time, it makes us think as a melodic instrument. As a consequence, the drumset becomes a percussive instrument with a low and high register, as we go from the bass drum to the cymbals.

In this video I focused on the time feeling, trying to emulate Hubbard’s phrasing.

Check it out: 

Here is the transcription from min. 00:38 

Asiatic Raes – Drums transcription

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